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From Houses to offices, factories, schools and hospitals, from cars to planes, trains, boats and trucks, there are Mul-t-Lock locking systems to secure them all.

Mul-T-Lock employs the same high security key and cylinder technology in all its locking products, enabling our customers to combine the widest possible range of locks into one integrated system.Mul-T-Lock

For the individual this means that Mul-T-Lock can offer a convenient 'one key' solution combining access to their house, vehicle, garage, etc. all on a single key. This convenience backed up with by the security of the Mul-T-Lock key registration which deters unauthorised duplication of keys.

For businesses, Mul-T-Lock can offer enterprise-wide lock suites which provide integrated access control throughout an organisation. Master suites can combine locks together with other forms of security in a single system.

The wide range of replacement cylinders offered by Mul-T-Lock allows the integration of existing installations into one overall system, ending the need for multiple master keys within an organisation yet preserving existing investments in door furniture, etc.

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